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X-Ray Meter Goggles

These stunning goggles allow you to see inside any electric meter and see the cause of the problem. These goggles will save you hours while taking meters apart trying to find what needs to be calibrated.

Functional yet stylish, these goggles are all the rage in Paris this year.

Ultimate Meter Tool Set

Don't be left behind. These state of the art meter repair and calibration tools allow you to optimize each meter like it was a swiss watch. Every tool necessary to complete a load control assessment is available in one small but mighty package.

Meter Calibration Tool Bag

The Meter Calibration Tool Bag will let everyone know you mean business. Just the sight of you walking in to the room will establish you as a professioanl that knows his way around tools.

Meter Sockets and Current Transformers

On the serious side, since we do complete metering applications for a large number of our clients we do maintain a suitable inventory of meter sockets and current transformers along with being a stocking distributor of the Two Sockets-Two Meters voltage transformers and wiring harnesses.  When you are trying to put a metering package together we can provide the advice you might need to get things set up for the safest and most accurate installation as well as send you the required equipment in one order. Naturally, "For a Few Dollars More..." we'll deliver it and install it for you.     What a Deal!!!

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