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Chapman Metering
1911 N. La Vista Heights
Avoca, IA 51521

Phone: 712-343-2125
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AMR Installation and Maintenance Field & Shop Meter Calibration Load Control Inspections Programming and Training

Welcome to Chapman Metering

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Chapman Metering is a service company devoted to eliminating errors and omissions in the application and installation of electric metering equipment.  

Our chief goal in services performed for our clients is to assist field personnel in finding metering errors that are adversely affecting billing accuracy and/or personal safety of the technicians involved in maintaining this equipment.

We offer deployment of AMR/AMI equipment, field meter testing and wiring verification services, metering package installation services and substation/switchgear meter certification.   

There are seminars currently held in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota that provide some very useful hands on meter application wiring and troubleshooting opportunities that we are highly involved in and we are open to assisting with development of even more of these unique training centers.  We can also prepare in depth seminars on the topic of metering designed around your specific needs.

Watch for our soon to be published meter applications guide that will be based on our “Keep It Simple” mantra presented in all our training efforts. We believe it is extremely important to bring the relatively ignored Cash Register of the electric industry to the forefront and keep it there.

Please contact us to discuss any of your metering concerns.

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